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The Story of Clayton Hall Museum

Once upon a time, a group of Friends had a dream.  
In the dream they saw the old Hall of Clayton, which looked all sad and lonely, 
and they thought, what can we do to make the Hall happy again.
So they decided to make the Hall look like it would have looked 
around 140 years ago, when it was well kept and loved.
Over several months, they laboured long and hard.
They started their work in the room that used to be the kitchen, long, long, ago 

Sometimes they were helped by two Knights from the
far off land of Debdale, who came along to do such Knightly
things as taking up carpets and removing nails.

By this time the old Hall was beginning to look a little less sad
and so the Friends moved on to work in the cold store room.

and the Hall looked even less sad.
In fact the Friends suspected that the Hall
was pleased to have people about and
work being done to make it look nice again.

Then, one day a young man from the family
of Owen came to help and the Hall almost smiled.

"We have to start work in the dining next", the Friends said,

so they painted the walls green, then stood back and said,
"Ah, nice, we like it"

A very wise old sage, from the neighbouring new land of Moston,
heard of the Friends work and came bearing gifts for the Hall,
which made the Friends very happy.
Then the Friends moved out into the wash house, which was
very damp, dark and full of all manner of things.  But even this
didn't put them off and they soon had it cleared out ready for work,

they plastered

and sawed

and sanded

and painted

and after many weeks they were visited by a very jolly duo
from far, far away in Museum land, who brought with them
lots of lovely things to make the Hall look nice.
It was almost as if a spell had been cast over the old Hall.

But the hard work wasn't finished, so the Friends carried on.
One very bright and sunny day, two very bright and sunny little girls
came to see the Hall and they laughed and sang, chatted and played,
as very bright and sunny little girls do,
and the old Hall gave a little smile.

Then the Friends knew what would make the old Hall happy again,

children, lots and lots of children.

The Friends invited school mistresses and school masters
from nearby educational establishments to visit the Hall,
and they all said, brilliant, fantastic, fabulous.
We want our children to come to Clayton Hall to see
and enjoy the Victorian illusion that has been created.

Even a passing local dignitary from the House that is Common,
came to see the work that the Friends had done
and he thought the Hall looked beautiful
 and he smiled and the Friends smiled and everybody smiled,
but most important of all

The Old Hall of Clayton smiled.

but that wasn't the end of our story.

Following the very special Christmas festivities, that took place at Clayton Hall,
the Friends took a short, well earned break, before returning to our task.

This time the work was in the wash house and once again
the young man from the family of Owen came to help

After several days the wash house was ready for
the people of Clayton to see and they all
came along to join in the celebrations.

What a very special day, visitors young and old
enjoyed their time at Clayton Hall
and once again everybody smiled.
Some of the good people of Clayton even thought
they heard a deep, happy chuckle, but no one
could imagine where it had come from.


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